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Personal Data Collection and Usage Declaration
National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter “the University”) has followed the Personal Data Protection Act in establishing this Declaration to ensure the protection of donors’ personal data, privacy, and rights. How the University’s Donation-Reception Website (hereinafter “the Website”) collects, processes, uses, and protects the personal data you provide is detailed as follows:
I. Application range of the Declaration
This Declaration is applicable to the collection, processing, usage, and protection of personal data involved when the Website is used.
II. Purpose of using the information
According to regulations, the University must conduct donation receipt mailing, periodic public credit investigation, and donation information management and maintenance to obtain personal data from you. The University shall follow the Personal Data Protection Act  and protect your personal data, which will not be used for other purposes.
III. Method of data collection
To obtain your basic information, this website asks you to provide relevant information. No other channels will be used to obtain your information.
IV. Types of personal data collected
The personal data this website collects includes the following:
(1) C001 Personal identification, such as the donor or corporation’s name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.
(2) C002 Financial affairs identification, such as credit card or bank account information.
(3) C003 Government information identification, such as ID number, uniform invoice number, or passport number (for foreigners).
V. Period, region, object, and method of data usage
(1) Period: The period when the specific purpose of personal data collection exists, or the data storage period the University requires to conduct business.
(2) Region: Taiwan
(3) Usage object and method: Used in donation data management and public credit investigation. Additionally, data are used (by computer or otherwise) to mail donation receipts, publications, and fund-raising activities.
IV. Data processing and usage
The personal data obtained from this website is only for the original purpose and the University’s internal use. The University shall not leak your personal data to other organizations or individuals or use it for other purposes. According to the law, only under the following three circumstances might we provide your personal data to other groups: (1) after we receive your agreement or licensing ahead of time; (2) a judicial body or other administrative organization makes a request through formal legal procedures; and (3) to provide you with other services, where we might need to share your information with a third party that provides those services (such as credit card licensing and bank transfers). To do so, we will inform you and provide a sufficient explanation. You may freely choose to whether accept this service. You may also refuse to provide relevant personal data. However, then you may not enjoy the relevant services provided by this website.
VII. Data storage and retainment method
Your personal data is strictly stored in the University’s database. Anyone who wishes to obtain and use the data must follow the database management directions and be authorized by the supervisor. People who are not within the scope of authorization may not obtain the data.
VIII. Personal data inquiry, changes, or editing
People whose data are collected by this website may exercise the following personal rights according the Personal Data Protection Act:
1. Checking or reviewing the collected data.
2. Receiving a photocopy of the collected data.
3. Supplementing or revising the collected data.
4. Requesting the University to cease collecting, processing, or using the collected data.
5. Requesting the University delete the collected data.
If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact the University’s Office of Finance by phone or fax during office hours: Phone: 06-2757575#54507, Fax: 06-2002690.
IX. Modification of the Declaration
The University may modify the content of this Declaration, and the new content will be shown on this website. When the University makes substantial modifications to the usage of personal data, to ensure your rights, we will post a notice on the website to inform you.
All disputes that result from this website shall follow the law of the Republic of China as the proper law, and Tainan District Court is the court of first instance. If you have any questions regarding this website declaration, please contact the Office of Finance by phone or fax during office hours.