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 Is online donation safe?
Our website uses the TWCA SSL server digital certificate, which provides the optimal 256-digit encryption standard. When users donate online using this website, transmission of all their personal and donation information is encrypted. After we obtain your information, it will be safely stored in our data processing system in its entirety. We implement strict protection measures and unlicensed people are prevented from accessing the system.
May I assign a purpose for my donation?
Yes, you may pick the recipient for your donation from the existing donation list. If you have a designated recipient, you may leave a note on the donation acceptance form regarding a specific department, club, or activity, which we will follow. If you do not assign a purpose, your donation will be used to support the long-term development of NCKU.
Can donations I make in the United States be used for tax deductions? 
If you donate through the University’s North America Alumni Foundation, Inc. (NCKUNAAFI), your donation can be used for tax deduction in the United States. You are welcome to do so. This foundation was established by NCKU alumni in North America, and it is a nonprofit organization recognized by the United States Government.
   Contact person: Mrs. Sharon Hsieh(Secretary-NCKUNAAFI) ;shiuhwen@hotmail.com
                             Mrs. Grace Chiu Chen(Treasurer-NCKUNAAFI) ; tzutsingchen@gmail.com
Can I choose to make my donation public on your website or in your school periodical?
Yes, NCKU will respect the will of the donor to decide whether we publish the donation. With the donor’s consent, we will publish the donation on our school’s website and in our school periodical. If the donor wishes to remain anonymous, we will use the term “Friend of NCKU” to publish the donated items we receive and their purposes.
What should I do if I lose the receipt?
If you lose the donation receipt or donation certificate, please contact the University’s Office of Finance and provide us with your information. After we confirm your identity, we will provide you with a photocopy of the receipt or certificate.
I would like to periodically donate to NCKU a fixed amount in the long term. What is the most convenient method of doing so?
If you wish to periodically donate a fixed amount to NCKU, you may do so through Credit card fax donations or ACH recurring donations.
Credit card fax donation: Please download the donation sheet, fill in your credit card information, sign, and then fax, mail, or e-mail it to the Office of Finance, NCKU.
ACH recurring donation: Please download the authorization letter, fill out the first, second, and third copies, and mail the original copy (only the original copy is accepted) to the Office of Finance, NCKU. After we receive it, we will contact the donor and check the data, and then submit it to E. Sun Bank (Jin Hua Branch) for the deduction process.
Can I receive a tax deduction if I donate to NCKU?
Donating money:
Yes, for profit-seeking enterprises and individuals, donating to public schools is considered donating to the government and can be listed for tax deduction that financial year, without limitations on the amount. When NCKU receives your donation, it will provide an official receipt that can be used for tax deduction, to be deducted from your gross consolidated income  when you apply for income tax for the current year. However, any amount exceeding that year’s total income may not be used for deduction in the following financial year. 
To help you apply for individual income tax, we will upload the donor name, ID, and annual total donation amount from the previous financial year to the Financial Data Center, Ministry of Finance by the end of February each year. You may use the Citizen Digital Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior or other electronic certificate approved by the Ministry of Finance to download donation information from the Ministry’s e-Filing and Tax Payment Service. You may also bring your ID or ask others to bring your ID to the Taxation Bureau of each region and their branches or service center to query the deduction amount.
If you have made a donation without providing your ID number, please contact the University’s Office of Finance so that we can register your information. If you do not provide your ID number, you may still provide the receipt from NCKU to file tax deduction.
In-kind/cultural artifact donation:
When NCKU receives in-kind or cultural artifact donations, a donation certificate will be issued after the relevant unit verifies the donation quantity and the Accounting Office lists them in the account. On the certificate, the item and number of donations will be listed to enable the donor to list their donation expenses under their gross consolidated income deductions.
※ According to the abstract of the Ministry of Finance’s Mar. 16, 2005 Tai-Cai-Shui-Zi-Di No. 09404512540:
When each level of government receives in-kind donations, relevant documents are not required to specify the value of the objects; this is to prevent misunderstandings occurring during tax planning, which could result in tax loss.
※ According to the Ministry of Finance’s Oct. 22, 2007 Tai-Cai-Shui-Zi-Di No. 09604116130, relevant documents on receiving in-kind donations should not clearly list the value of the donated object to avoid causing disputes and difficulty for receiving units when filing tax returns.